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Cast Iron Pan for Barbeccue


Zhangzhou Hengchang is producing this type of small cast iron pan for our clients. This pan is small and sessile, which is a widely used cookware in Japan. We is producing them by manual green sand casting process. Since they have very thin wall thickness and high requirements to the surface smoothness. So, we produced them by very fine green sand. Their material is grey cast iron ASTM A48 NO. 20, equal to FC150 in Japan, GG15 in Germany, FGL150 in Franch, T150 in Australia, O115 in Sweden and ISO 150. Grey iron is easier for cast process, and has lower production costs. Since they are very light, so most of iron foundries in China would not like to produce them, but Dandong Foundry does not have min. order limitation, so we can accept small orders.

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