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The following is the common application for each degree of grey cast iron for your reference. G100: For small loads, the friction and wear no special requirements for important castings, such as protective cover, cover, oil pan, hand wheels, frame, floor, hammer, small handle, etc. G150: Under moderate load of castings, such as the base, frame, box, knife, bed, bearing seat, table, wheels, cover, pump, valve, pipe, flywheel, motor blocks and other G200 and G250: Requirements withstand greater load and a certain degree of tightness or corrosion resistance of the more important castings such as cylinder, gear, base, flywheels, bed, cylinder block, cylinder liner, piston, gear box, brake wheel, coupling Plate, medium pressure valve, etc. G300 and G350 Under high load, wear and high air tightness important castings, such as heavy machine tools, shears, presses, automatic lathe bed, frame, frame, high-pressure hydraulic parts, piston rings, force larger gear, Cams, bushings, large engine crankshaft, cylinder block, cylinder liner, cylinder head, etc.