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Choosing a design and metal alloy is just a start. Hengchang will help yo navigate and determine the manufacturing process that best fits your particular productions requirement(Resin Sand Casting, Green Sand Casting, Shell Moulding Casting, Vacuum Casting, Continuous Concast). There are a number of factors driving this selection process:alloy, geometry, size, surface finish, wall thickness, tolerances, draft, machining requirements, capabilities, and quantities required in a given time frame.

After determining the optimal casting process, we will invest in the latest equipment and quality techniques, providing quality assurance at all stages of production. 

Our Sand Casting Capabilities  
Description Molding by hand & semiautomatic machine
Max size of Castings 4,000 mm × 2,000 mm × 500 mm
Casting Weight Range 0.5 kg - 2,000 kg
Annual Capacity 4,000 tons - 5,000 tons
Casting Tolerance On Request or Standard (ISO8062-1994 or BS6615:1996)
Molding Materials Green Sand, Resin Coated Sand,precoated sand
Casting Metal & Alloys Gray Iron, Ductile Iron, Al Alloys, Brass, Bronze,Aluminum...etc. 


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