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Vacuum Casting

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Vacuum Casting

Jun 23, 2022

What Is Vacuum Casting

The V-process employs a sand mold that is devoid of binders and moisture. The force exerted due to pressure of vacuum holds the shape of the casting in the internal cavity of the mold. Because the special patterns for the vacuum molding casting process, thin plastic sheet is placed over the casting pattern in the vacuum system and vacuum pressure is applied that allows the sheet to mold into the casting pattern.

Pattern For Casting

What Material We Cast

Grey Iron: HT150, HT200, HT250; EN-GJL-100, EN-GJL-150, EN-GJL-200, EN-GJL-250, EN-GJL-300; GG15, GG20, GG25, GG30

Ductile Cast Iron:GGG40, GGG45, GGG50, GGG60, GGG70, GGG80; EN-GJS-400-10, EN-GJS-40-15, EN-GJS-40-18, EN-GJS-500-7, EN-GJS-600-3, EN-GJS-700-2, EN-GJS-800-2; QT400-18, QT450-10, QT500-7, QT600-3, QT700-2, QT800-2  

Cast Steel Alloys

Ready Metal Liquid

How We Inspect The Vacuum Casting

Our ARL360 Spectrometer checks 20 chemical elements and metallurgical microscope products high-resolution images 1,000 times magnified, Hengchang has a full range of inspection capabilities in house, which include:

1) Spectrographic and manual quantitative analysis

2) Metallographic analysis

3) Brinell, Rockwell hardness inspection

4) Mechanical property analysis

5)visual test

Physical Test

Steps For Vacuum Casting 

1)Have a High-Quality Master Model

Vacuum casting process requires you to have a high-quality master model. The high-quality master model can be the industrial part itself. Additinally, you can use a modeal created using stereo lithography, which is a case for the prototyping applications.You should always ensure that the master model being used is of the correct dimensions and looks.This is to ensure that no flaws are transferred to the model prototype after finishing the process.

2)Cure Process

The master model is then encapsulated into a two-part aluminum mold.The mold is cured under high temperatures to ensure that the two parts stick together.This is used to strengthen the mold and make it more durable.After the mold is cured, it is cut open to reveal a hollow space at the center, which has the exact dimensions of the master model. After the mold is cut into two, it is placed in the vacuum chamber. Then, later on, the mold is filled with tthe designated material to make a product.

3)Filling the resin You should fill the mold with the designated material. The resin replicates the characteristics of industrial material. The resin material is usually mixed with metallic powder of any coloring pigment to achieve aesthetic or specific functional properties. After the mold is filled with the resin material, it is placed in the vacuum chamber. It is placed in the vacuum chamber to ensure that there are no air bubbles in the mold. This is to ensure that the final product is not ruined or damaged. 4)Fina cured process The resin is placed in the oven for the final cured stage. The mold is cured in high temperatures to ensure that the material is strong and durable. The silicone mold is removed from the mols so that it can be used in make more prototypes. After the prototye is removed from the mold, it is painted and decorated. The painting and designs are used to ensure that the product has a gorgeous final look.

Make Master Model

The Benefits Of Vacuum Casting

1) High Precision and fine detail to the finished products

2) Lowers the production costs

3) High quality of the products

4)A great method when you want to meet a deadline

                                                                                                    Spray Master Model
The Facilities For Vacuum Casting
Vacuum Casting Machine  Spray Core Machine Flask  Sand Core
Pattern Casting Process Quench Equipment Tempering Equipment
Custom Vacuum Casting Parts
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