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How to Clean a Cast Iron Pan

How to Clean a Cast Iron Pan

Sep 05, 2022

Cast iron Pan are very popular. Most metal pans are made of Grey iron. How to clean it is the key to the life of the IRON Pan. Here some tips for reference. Now that the crusty food is gone, a simple baking soda scrub will restore it to its former, flavorless, glory. Use baking soda and water in a 2:1 ratio, it should form a thin paste. Scrub this into the pan with a soft or plastic bristle brush and then allow the paste to sit for two to five minutes. Just like the stinky aromas in your refrigerator, the baking soda neutralizes the leftover flavor that may be in the top layer of your cast iron.

Then rinse the paste out of the skillet and wipe with a paper towel or a kitchen rag. If you went really crazy with the fried catfish or boiled clams in the skillet and you're about to make Grandma's pear upside down cake in it, go ahead and give the skillet another baking soda bath. If the flavors of the previous dish weren't too strong, skip the second scrub and follow these steps to re-season your skillet.

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