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What is Ductile Iron?

What is Ductile Iron?

Sep 23, 2022

Ductile iron, also known as ductile cast iron, is a durable, fatigue-resistant metal due to its spherical graphite structure. First patented in 1948, ductile iron is today’s version of cast iron. Like cast iron, modern ductile iron contains small pieces of graphite which slightly change the properties of the iron.


How is Ductile Iron Made?

Rather than being cast from iron or steel scrap, ductile iron is made primarily from the crude iron that’s produced by smelting ore in a blast furnace, commonly called ‘pig iron.’ Pig iron is about 90% iron with high carbon content, and its chemical properties are very stable. Using a blast furnace, the pig iron is melted down and has carbon forced into the material beyond its normal capacity. Silicon, sulfur, and manganese help the excess carbon form the spherical graphite nodules as the metal cools in its cast. This process creates a durable, wear-resistant metal. General Kinematics offers vibratory systems for ductile iron casting that optimize system performance and improve casting quality.   

One of the major advantages of this production process is how easy ductile iron is to cast, and how cheap it is compared to other similar metals, such as steel. 


What is Ductile Iron Used For?

Because of its strength and malleability, ductile iron is used widely in many different industries. It’s most commonly used by disposer manufacturers in chamber and sizing ring. It’s also popular in the Metallorgy industry as it’s used in agitator, stirring blade, corps piqueur, as well as other parts. Ductile iron is also often found in piano harps, machine frames, and cable drums. 


No matter the industry, if you’re looking for a strong, stable material that can withstand tough conditions over a long period of time, ductile iron is a great choice.

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